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Custom Logo Magnets
Custom Logo Magnets

Custom Logo Magnets

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Wooden Magnets made by K.C. Peck and Aimee Conklin in Central Pennsylvania. 

Customized with your logo. 

High quality two tone black and white images work best, but we can work with most logos to make good looking magnets.  In rare cases some image files are surprisingly tricky and won't work without extra prep, in which case we may have to cancel the order or discuss additional charges, but in most cases there is no set up fee needed. 

Choose from Oak, Walnut, Red-Stained Maple, or Black-Stained Maple, all sustainably harvested from the Appalachian Mountains with a growth to removal ratio of 2.29.
100% USA grown and v
erified sustainable by AHMI. 

Available in three sizes:
- Large (2" in diameter)
- Medium (1.5" in diameter)
- Small (1.25" in diameter)